Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hetal Butt

Today's featured pro pro is Hetal B. Here are just a few DIRECT quotes from him:

"I would do both you [Nathan Lim], Sasha Cohen, and Scott Hamilton at the same time. I'd hit."

"I'm about to make sounds a grown man should never make."

"H-Bomb: Yep, that's me.
I love cock.
In the eye."

"H-Bomb: Apparently tonite, you and Nate gon choose the S-Prodigy tracks.
When ya'll meet up.
Don't forget. It's gon be HOT!
Hot like my dick!"

He's not officially fully out of the closet, but it still creeps us out.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another Schmo-ment

White People.... 'nuff said.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thursday, January 29, 2009

SnowPro Sam

mmmmm.... Nathan Lim <3's sneak attacks. While Snowplow Sam, here, is having a heat stroke and can neither see nor hear shit, i take the opportunity to create another pro-ment.... just for our loyal followers...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Global Pro System (GPS)

What it do what it do! Lim is back in it with a vengeance! I was in Cleveland over the weekend, and i"m pretty sure that it's the pro-est city I've ever seen... even their highways are pro! This is a lovely visual of the GPS on the I-71/Snow Rd. exit.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

McDonalds does it again...

Wow, McDonalds...checkin in AGAIN with some pro-ishness. This entire cup is pro, literally every word on the cup. Wow Mickey D's, wow!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Wintertime brings a lot of Pro, lol. Mittens, snow"blowers" and snowmen. But it also lets people draw on the cars of others. Often time this "graffiti" turns out to be pretty damned

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Two Things....

Lim back in this muggg!!! I only got two things to say about this latest post...

1) Online Classes are inherently pro. Even though I took them for a test run, I can't take it seriously without saying pro every single time someone tries to "personally tutor" me

2) Look at the guy on the far left. Nuff said..

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Today's a very special day for Pro-blog. We are giving our first Pro-ward to two guys who really deserve it. Not only has their post gotten unwarranted attention for pro-blog, but they took it like champs (pro!).

Congratulations to Paul and Kevin. You just received the internet equivalent of an Oscar. We hope that you know we write about you with no bad intentions, and that you'll always be welcome here at Pro-blog. No hard feelings or hard anything else, for that matter.

P.S. Today was Bush's last speech in office. OBAMA '09!!!


Again, we find that certain humorless people have become upset with this blog. In fact, it only makes it funnier how they have absolutely NOTHING to do with it, but still manage to get themselves so seriously involved. Well Phil, seeing as you wanted to play a such a BIG role in this social critique, we decided to give you your VERY OWN FEATURE!!

Phil here, was mad that certain people might not understand that this blog is completely a joke. Here are a few excerpts of the the conversation we had....

Okay Phil, yes I (Nathan Lim) figure skate. I have the audacity to do so. Yes, 90% of male figure skaters are gay. I, however, prefer the long, straight path (Pro!) Having a male figure skater author this blog only makes it all the more hilarious. Valid points aside, here's another feature that our blog deserves. This one's for you Philly!

Nathan Lim... yes, he Figure Skates.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We been getting a lot of criticism for our art here at the pro-blog (yes, I said art)'s an excerpt from a retort we received today

Response to the Blog:

nice blog. seriously wat the hell is wrong with you nathan i would never have thought YOU would be a judging terrible person as to TRASH YOUR FRIENDS TO THE PUBLIC to attack peoples WEAKNESSES? that not smart retaliation thats called pathetic thats called LOW. why are u attacking these people what have they ever done? its one thing to imply something but to actually take REAL PEOPLE and PUBLICLY TRASH THEM who are ur "FRIENDS" its sick. if thats how u treat your friends i dont consider myself one of i dont WANT to be one of them. you dont deserve friends if this is what you do to them..this isnt mean girls you dont take out a burn book when your insecure this is real life accept your problems.

My Problems With That:

1) No One is insecure, don't make baseless statements that have no facts to support it.

2) Talk Shit, Get Talked About (it's either that or socked in the jaw, so people should consider themselves lucky)

3) This Blog operates independently of those alledged "attacks". The idea behind this blog is a sovereign and DOPE idea! LOL. Just cuz you can't get with it...

4) The public? People read this blog don't know these niggas. No one puts full names and addresses and social security numbers. If it really bothers them then THEY are insecure. Who cares what 2 stupid people who got bored and made a blog have to say?

5) Mean Girls? You watched that? Pro!

6) You don't actually "take out" a book. Firstly, even if it's already MADE, which in this case it wasn't, you can't take it out, unless it is a physical property. First of all, this is a blog. Secondly, HORRIBLE metaphor.

7) Peasant-Pro!

Pro Blog'd in my Pants!!

This t-shirt, designed by Andrew Jeffrey Wright, is just what the pro-blog team needs to look more professional. It also reminded me of one of the silliest SNL digital shorts of all time...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What Tip?

This pro-ment was featured on Kanye's blog earlier today. Although I'm sure he was unaware of his pro comment, and we got nothin but love for kanye (pro?), this screenshot was far to hilarious to pass up!

Cockroach Probia

Ok fine, cockroaches freak everyone out. But only a pro would handle this situation so well. Courtesy of our friends from Failblog.

Monday, January 12, 2009

mega schmomo

This is even worse than the previous schmoment. Oh my word. When will they ever learn, if you do this you MUST say Pro. LOL. Pause maybe? At least the NH word? I guess not, maybe this kind of behavior is tolerable. All I'm saying is that if this is acceptable, then maybe Cam'Ron doesn't need to say no homo after the sentence, "I recorded a track to today."

UPDATE: I don't really want to put people out there like this got to see these comments...SOPRO. Thankfully, one of the probies recognized the wrongness of it all, but sadly his wifey sees no problem with it. [blacknote: niggas say wifey instead of girlfriend...just so you paper-colored people know...LOL]

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Speaking of PedoPRO

This video was so ridiculously hilarious that it required joint commentary from both of PROblog's authors!

LIM: Here's an old school Public Service Announcement warning everyone against the dangers of PedoPRO. Firstly, he shares the same name as my little sister's history teacher. Secondly, this is the part that's hard to talk about...

S dot PREME: 1st of all, this guy's wife should stone him...she can't satisfy him, but terrible quality Polaroids of naked little boys can? 2nd, how the fuck did paint go through his shirt, and why would it go through jeans and require the removal of his underwear? Third, saw it, nice and slow....LOL! This video would've had me laughin my ass off as a child. Word up!

LIM: Oh, I forgot to mention that this very useful PSA stars our very own S.Preme as the "the kid that spilled the paint." ._o

S dot: It also Stars Nathan Lim as BOTH the old lady and the old pedophile...hahahaha PRO

Pro-ment: Monopoly

Don't know about the uploading, so you might need to click this to embiggen and actually see it, but when you get this card in monopoly, it might be a subtle hint from God that you just might be pro. While we are on the subject of this card, allow me to introduce you to a new concept: pedo-pro...that's creepy pro about young boys...lolol. PEDOPRO!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rules of Pro

HAHAHAHAHA. It never ceases to amaze me how clueless some people can be. Today's proment is brought to you today by the ever original Paul and Kevin. Although neither are TECHNICALLY out of the closet, neither have realized that they've accidentally fallen into an all out promance. So, as a word of advice to all those with friends who have homosexual tendencies, pro-blog has compiled a list of things to watch out for when encountering the ever elusive pro.

1. Know about the Threshold

It is always the rule of thumb that you can dish out more than you can take. If a man begins to caress you ever so gently, move. If you're doing it as a a joke. make sure he doesn't like it.

2. Know the Difference

Getting into a promance is brought about by doing activities together, as with any other relationship. Playing Wii Sports alone together in your apartment in the middle of the day? pro. Doing the same thing drunk in the middle of the night while trying to watch dragonball? nope.

3. The Arguments

Any healthy relationship needs good arguments. When two men begin to agree on everything, the situation becomes dangerously pro. If you find yourselves wearing the same express-brand clothing, posing together by the same cheap empty fifth on new years eve, or talking shit together about the originality of the same person, run away.... fast.

Friday, January 9, 2009



Today's pro moment comes courtesy of white folks everywhere. These particular white people (and the black guy that SO wants to be one) are from the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. When they get drunk, or "schwasted" as they like to call it...they get a little gay. I like to call it schmomo. Here, we see an example from New Years Eve...Mike (on the far right) is getting somewhat frisky, is he not??? PRO. White people are weird, I tell you.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Little Wrigley

pro! this was an ad for this retardedly bad "exact" replica of wrigley field (scaled down of course). Either way, PRO PRO PRO PRO!

Monday, January 5, 2009


First off, let me introduce a concept: Pro-homo. I was so tired of hearing niggas say no homo, that I started saying pro homo instead. got to a point where it simply became a social critique of the general homophobic nature of society, SO, I started to say it ALL the time about anything and everything...haha, this might come across as bigoted and it might come across as retarded, but I don't care. Pro pro pro pro pro! Basically, if i see something sexually ambiguous, it is pro and it goes on here...lololol, shall we test this out?